Pro athletes almost seem superhuman. Why is this?

First they have genetics, then they work incredible hard for long period of time. They are incredible motivated.

This is basically what allows them to accomplish incredible feats.

Chances are, you have neither the genetics, motivation, or experience of a pro athlete.

So if you train like a pro athlete, you’re going to burn out quickly.

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When I think of discipline, I think of high school sports – more specifically, high school coaches.

“You need more discipline boy,” snarls the overweight, sedentary coach. It’s the only way we’ll win, and it’s the only way you’ll succeed at anything in life.”

Poor presentation aside, I used to believe in the power of discipline. When I failed at something, I blamed it on a lack of discipline.

I was completely wrong.

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I understand that in this day and age and in the western culture especially, doing something slowly seems counter initiative.

Changing slowly isn’t counterintuitive. It’s actually the best way to make changes.

When I started making changes in my life, I tried to make them as fast as possible. I fell flat on my face again and again. I accounted my failures to lacking discipline, motivation, or even ability.

When I decided to take things slow, making positive changes. My life was improving ,and I was having fun creating new habits. Instead of attempting to change fast and feeling burned out and frustrated, I decided to take things slow.

This is not to say that you can’t change fast. If you can, by all means, do it.

But for most of us, attempting to change too quickly results in a failure. I see it when I see obese people fail on the newest “fad” diets. I see it when the person motivated to run, only lasts a few days before quitting. These people want to change, but changing fast doesn’t work for them.

And this saddens me. I want you to change and I want the world to change. By making simple, important changes that last long term, I know that you will feel happier, more peaceful, more confident, and healthier. And by becoming a better you, you make the world a better place.

These things I believe in full-heartedly. This is why I started this blog – because change is vitally important. And I believe the best way for most people to find real, lasting change, is to change slowly. And I’m here to help you every step of the way.


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