You’re Not Pro

Pro athletes almost seem superhuman. Why is this?

First they have genetics, then they work incredible hard for long period of time. They are incredible motivated.

This is basically what allows them to accomplish incredible feats.

Chances are, you have neither the genetics, motivation, or experience of a pro athlete.

So if you train like a pro athlete, you’re going to burn out quickly.

If you give it all you got in your first few training sessions, there’s no way you will continue (unless you are very motivated).

You’re not pro, so why are you training like a pro?

Instead, you should start the way most of them started. Slowly.

You can build experience and motivation through going slow. Then, as you progress, you can intensify your workouts without burnout.

This philosophy doesn’t just apply to physical feats. It applies equally to nearly everything.

You’re not a buddhist monk, a published author, or a practiced pianist. So why are you acting like one?

Acting like a pro while you’re a beginner leads to burnout, and ultimately failure.

So go slowly. If you practice consistently, maybe you will turn pro one day.

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